SOUND work

Wheke Fortress

WHEKE FORTRESS – Tokerau Wilson Wheke are the mysterious Taniwha of the deep. Seen as demons or monsters, they offer all kinds of grief and guardianship for people. Some Taniwha are worthy to battle even the Gods, deep within the realm of Tangaroa. Legend tells us that Kupe pursued a mighty Wheke across the Pacific […]

Te Pō – Māori/Pasifika Goth Contemporary Art

    Otago Girls High School pupils (from left) Loisi Afimeimounga (16), Vivienne Moana (17), Sarah Tavake (13), Vaioleti Afimeimounga (13) and Annie Uele (16) prepare to put money near the art installation Material World outside Dunedin Community Gallery…. Homeless installation causes a stir By Shawn McAvinue An art installation portraying a homeless person sleeping rough on […]

death squad cyber

Death Squad Cyber is a serial comic. released online bi monthly. Published by COCONUTCLOUDS. Death Squad Cyber – A dark noir – black comedy. Death Squad Cyber are a monster policing unit various supernatural and monster attacks. Drawn in black ink. ISSUE 1 –  Death Squad Cyber explore the sewers after several bodies are discovered. Some Adult themes […]